The best employee signature is one with up-to-date data.

We believe that the best signature is one that contains up-to-date employee and company data. With us you can always have the best signature.

Synchronization with Google Workspace

Organized data in one place: position, contact numbers, supervisor, etc.

Export and import employee data from a CSV file

Intuitive interface for employee data collection

In our system, each employee receives a file with information that can be presented in the footer. If you don't have full data in Google Workspace then no problem - you can import it in bulk from a CSV file. The IT administrator or authorized persons from other departments can manage employee data, as well as data representing the company's image.

Automatic synchronization with Google Workspace

Changes made in the Google Workspace admin console are immediately visible in employee signatures. Each new position added to Google Workspace and its email address, will receive a default signature set by the administrator.

Marketing tool

Marketing employees as well as others interested in promoting content related to the offer, or directly to the company's image, can independently change employees' signatures or signature elements, such as updating everyone's banner, referring to the latest campaign or award that the company has received. Clicks on this type of content are specifically marked and reported.

Safety our top priority

The gSignature customers' data is stored on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) servers. In addition, we ourselves make the utmost effort to make every customer feel safe with us. We work with sensitive data, which is the data employees present themselves with in their email signatures. Our tool is trusted by both IT administrators who work with Google Workspace and employees who can update their signature on their own.

“Ability to add advertising banners or footnotes for dozens of users in 5 seconds? The ideal. After implementing the solution, we change banners periodically and our customers know what promotions and products we have on a regular basis. I recommend.”

Przemysław Grzymala

CEO at HelpHero

Template library

At gSignature, there are free templates that you can customize as you like for your business. See sample designs or contact us to have us design a unique creation for you.

Do you need an individual template? Order it from us

Do you need an individual email signature template for your company or selected department? You have come to the right place, our team of graphic designers will prepare a suitable creation for you and our coders will prepare its HTML code. Order a project for yourself. Prices from 80 USD net per project.