Administration Support

Intuitive interface for organizing employee data

In 4 ways, gSignature supports organizing employee data. You can use only one of them or create your own workflow based on selected or all ways. Whichever way you use the gSignature application will make sure that updated data immediately appears in employee signatures.

Via Google Workspace

Data is automatically synchronized with Google Workspace when it is added by the administrator.

By importing from a file

Importing from a CSV file is the fastest way to update employee data after synchronizing with Google Workspace. Administrators can download the report with missing data, update the CSV file and update all records and signatures with one click.

By an employee

Employees can edit their cards in gSignature, managing their signature, data and profile photo, including the option to remove the background.

By admin

The administrator can directly edit employee records in gSignature, updating data record by record or selected entries. The data is managed in a special file dedicated to employees.

Automatic synchronization with Google Workspace

Automatic synchronization with Google Workspace is more than just integration with data exchange. This is an automated process for managing signatures depending on events initiated on the Google Workspace side.

Each time a new employee is added to Google Workspace, they can automatically receive a default signature. There is no need for the administrator to manually assign signatures.

Then if the employee's data changes, e.g., position or contact number, it will appear immediately in the employee's signature.

If an employee's account is deleted from Google Workspace also automatically ceases to be available in gSignature and is automatically excluded from the subscription.

gSignature as a marketing tool

Marketing in email signatures with gSignature is a new approach to a well-known and mandatory element of any company for years. A company footer can be a tool to support marketing goals.

Are you responsible for a corporate image campaign or promoting specific products or services? The footer can present campaign elements according to company requirements.

Award or recognition recently received by the company next to the company logo in the footer? Promote online conference registration in a banner in the footer? It's very simple! From one place in gSignature, you can change all of your employees' entire signature creation, or selected elements of it, with a single click, so as to expose them to potential audiences.

With attractive and eye-catching content, the tool is able to help drive additional traffic from clicks, which can additionally be measured and verified using Google Analytics.

Data security our top priority

The application works on the basis of the highest standards of data processing security, maintained by our team and the Google team responsible for the Google Cloud platform and Google Workspace.

Customer data remains within Google Workspace and Google Cloud, and only authorized administrators who have the authority to administer the company's Google Workspace account have access to it.

Our customers can separately enter into a contract with us for entrustment of data processing to implement access to gSignature. The entity which is a party to the data processing entrustment agreement is the company MOK YOK GROUP SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ ul. św. Mikołaja 8-11 50-125, Wrocław, Poland with Tax Number: PL8971797577 and registered under Company Registration Number: 0000503224.